Celebrating Entrepreneurship on #WorldDisabilityDay 2018

Since 1992, the world has been celebrating December 03 as World Disability Day. Declared by the United Nations, the day is observed as an aim to promote “the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development. We celebrate the day to increase awareness on situations for people with disabilities in every aspect of social, economic, cultural, and political life.

Being ‘differently abled’ or ‘disabled’ or ‘mobility impaired’ shouldn’t hold anyone back from living a normal life. Therefore, this year, we celebrate five such stories who have braved it all to become successful entrepreneurs.

Here are five inspirational stories of brave people who smiled at what life threw at them and continued to pursue their dreams. 

1. The Technology Man – Iftkhar Ali

2. The Man with a Mission – Mohammed Gaddafi

3. Teaching a new way of life – Shenaz Haveliwala

4. Being Beautiful – Sangita Desai

5. The Noble Enabler – Shailesh Sheth


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