How to Collect Payments on Your Facebook Shop

The Facebook Store/shop now allows you to sell your products and services online, reaching a potential 241 million customers in India. With social media becoming one of the leading ways to sell, here’s all you need to know about how to sell using Facebook, as a medium.

According to Statista, Facebook crossed the 2 billion mark, in terms of the number of active monthly users in the first quarter of 2018. India ranks #1 as the country with the most number of Facebook users, surpassing countries like America, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Can you imagine the number of customers you can now reach out to, via the FaceBook Store? Here, is a comprehensive guide to creating a business page and understanding the nuances of how to use the Facebook Store for your business.

How to Create a Free Business Page on Facebook:

To open a Facebook Store, you will first need to have a Facebook Business page. It is an ideal place to market your products or services and reach out to customers. It is highly recommended for businesses looking to venture into the digital domain.

  1. Log into your personal account
  2. Click on “Settings” (Tab on the top-left side of the page)
  3. Click on “Create Page”
  4. Choose the on “Business or Brand” option, click on “Get Started”
  5.  Select the relevant “Page Name” and “Category” under which it falls
  6. Upload a “Profile Picture” and “Cover Picture”, which best describes your business
  7. Your Business Page has now been created on Facebook.

You can now use this page to promote your products or services both through organic and paid promotions. An ideal way to get new customers is to constantly engage them with new content, listing new products or features and more.

How to Start Selling on the Facebook Store?

Step 1:

Now that your Facebook Business Page is ready, create a “Shop Now” button, which will enable customers to directly shop using Facebook. Hover over the right side of the cover picture which has a Call to Action (CTA) button.

Step 2:

  • Click on the CTA button and select the “Edit” option.
  • Under ‘Which button do you want people to see?” select “Shop with you or make a donation”
  • Select “Shop Now”

Note: Make sure your profile and cover images are uploaded and are explanatory to the type of business you run. Add the appropriate username and description to help potential customers get a better understanding about the goods or services you offer.

Step 3:

You will now see an option to either redirect your customers to an online store or external website or allow them to shop on your Facebook page. You can either redirect them to your Instamojo online store or share an Instamojo payment link for the products on your Facebook shop.

See how Instamojo Payment links work:

Want the added benefit of a Free online Store?

Having an online store is an added benefit which helps customers gain a better understanding of your business. Most businesses prefer an online website too. But often times, it is an expensive affair and comes with its fair share of coding challenges for the technology-impaired.

Instamojo, helps you create a free web-store in minutes with in-built payment options and a shopping cart to help customers buy multiple products in one go.  Check out Instamojo’s online store features. Your online store comes with in-built payments and shopping cart. You also get data-driven insights and a rich app store to grow your business.



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