How To Convince Customers to Buy Your Product or Service

Ever wondered why you go online and buy things that you don’t absolutely require? The secret lies in how they sell it to you. Here are a few tips on how to convince customers to buy your product or service.

Focus on the benefits and not on the feature of the product

Customers buy a product because it benefits them in a certain way. Just stating the features of the product doesn’t make the customer buy the product.

Christensen’s theory of job explains this behavior elaborately. It talks about how a customer looks for their ‘job to be done’ in a product. A customer doesn’t mind paying a big amount if the product gets the job done for them. They rarely buy what the company thinks it’s selling. 

For example: Instead of saying that the pen has a felt tip, you could say it has a better grip. This will highlight the benefit for the customer and convince customers to buy it.

Tell Them As Much As You Can

How would you feel if you suddenly had to pay extra delivery charges for that t-shirt you bought online?

Don’t keep the customer in the dark. It is necessary to provide them with all the information to convince customers to buy from you. You can do that by informing them about:

Terms and conditions – Tell the customers about the conditions that apply when they make a purchase or use your service. Make them simple, understandable and precise. Divide into various sections to make it customer friendly.

Privacy policy –  Privacy policy is essential because in today’s digital age, customers are protective of their private information. A properly specified privacy policy will make your customers trust your company and might increase sales too!

Shipping policy – Make the shipping policy clear and detailed, without any hidden costs. State whether international shipping is available too. Also, reward the customers with free shipping if they have shopped for a particular amount.

FAQ – Most customers request FAQs because they don’t want to call someone for the service. FAQs make yours as well your customer’s life easier.

Highlight Your USP

Focus on a feature of your product that is different from your competitors. Highlight the feature that provides an advantage to the customer. You will convince customers to buy your product when you offer a feature that makes their life easier.

Focus on a Target Audience

Instead of focusing on the entire population, narrow down your target market to a specific niche. This will help you to focus on your audience to whom you want to sell your product and those that are most likely to buy your product.


Building a brand is a time taking process. It could also be an expensive affair. But branding has a greater recall and therefore more people tend to buy from a familiar, friendlier, and popular name.

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