How To Deal With Difficult Customers Easily

Everyone who has ventured into the world of business knows a few ‘difficult clients’. Small business frequently deal with customers one on one. As long as these deals are smooth, there is no trouble. Problems begin when the client gets tough to handle. Here are a few tips that can help you deal with difficult customers easily.

A customer can be upset only due to two reasons:

  • They’re unhappy with your services, or
  • They are having a bad day.

The Customer is always RIGHT!  At least that’s what we must you must always consider. If you do not serve your client well, someone else will.

Difficult customer can be in any industry.

These proven tips with help you ensure mental peace and keep your sanity.

1. Hear them out – 

Listening is an art, it is not as simple as it sounds. Listen to your clients, their feedback and their complaints. Engage your heart and mind in what your client is telling you. Sometimes complaining customers can be pacified by lending them a patient ear and assurance to do whatever best is possible. You can also get perspective about your services from your complaining clients.

2. Identify & empathize while you deal with difficult customers –

Put yourself in shoes of your client. How would you react to the situation if you were unhappy with the product or service provided to you? It is easy to sympathize, anyone can do that, but sympathy will not help if your client is feeling cheated. Don’t be defensive and make sure you know how your client feels.

Provide a solution as soon as you can or request for some time to respond. We suggest you try to resolve your client’s complaint as soon as possible preferably in the first or second interaction. The quicker the problem is solved the better it is for your relationship with your client.

3. Acknowledge

When you openly agree with your client that your service or product has not worked, it definitely changes the scene for you. Make sure you choose polite words and talk to your clients with respect and compassion. Acknowledge the situation and always offer a resolution. If the fault isn’t yours then stay calm and try to explain. It is very important to keep your calm at all times.

4. Respect

Give respect and get respect in return. Remember polite words never harm. If your words are impolite and disrespectful your client might feel attacked and threatened. Everyone has the ability to teach you a thing or two irrespective of his age, appearance, education, financial position or any other factors. Give your best even to the most difficult customers and see them at their best like never before.

5. Strike a Compromise

Striking a mutually acceptable compromise helps make sure that your client stays happy with your product and service and his trust in your company stands restored.

Always make sure that you apologize for the inconvenienced caused when you deal with difficult customers. Once the issues are resolved, remember to thank your client for all the time and effort he put in towards improving your product or service.

According to us the best way to deal with a difficult client is to treat them like royalty. Is that too much? Not at all!

Apologize for the trouble caused due to your product or service. Amaze them with exceptional customer support and service. Allow them to vent their anger/frustration if needed. Let them have some discounts or free goodies. Tell them you value their business and mean every word you say. Do not forget to roll out the red carpet for them when they come back to you.

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