5 FREE Accounting Apps for Small Businesses in India

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could carry your accounting on your smartphone and access them on the go? We went searching on the internet to find five free accounting apps for small businesses in India.

Keeping accounts of your business is not just important but mandatory. However, not all of us have a degree in accounting and may not understand the nitty-gritty of it. Maintaining books of accounts can help you do your taxes correctly and save you money.

Here is a list of free Android accounting apps for small businesses in India.

1. Small Business Accounting App

This app is a simple financial app customized to fit Indian small business needs. Its features include:

  • Tracking transactions
  • Tracking customer data and contacts
  • Tracking , editing and making invoices
  • Making sales receipts and estimates
  • Sending emails from the app to customers

You can download the app for free.

2. Pocket Account App

This app works best to manage your working capital expenses. It is a basic smartphone app that allows you to record your expenses and keep a track of your cash flow. It also works offline! Here are some of its main features:

  • Records cash paid and cash received
  • Calculates balances
  • Generate expense report and export as PDF
  • Data backup feature
  • Secure OTP login

Download this app for free here.

3. Accounts Manager App

This is an easy app for a small business dealing with credit business. With this, you can make debit and credit entries, keep track of cash flow, balance sheets and create custom reports for your business. Here are its features:

  • Calculate debit and credit entries with description
  • Export reports in excel sheets
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Sort transactions with time filters
  • Data backup and restoring available

You can download this free app here.

4. Smart Accounting App

The Smart Accounting App is an advanced accounting application that allows more complex functions like journal-keeping, generating invoices, managing inventory, and keeping track of cash flow. The app is FREE for a year only. Here are some of its major features:

  • Add multiple company accounts
  • Track sales, cash flow, and inventory
  • Customise, export and edit invoices.
  • Send email to customers via application
  • Generate a custom CA report so an expert can take a look easily

Download the app here.

5. BOSS – Bookkeeping & Accounting, Sales and Stock Management

This is also an advanced app that lets you track your business expenses and do more than just export the data into excel sheets. You can make pie charts to visualize your expense data and add multiple vendors or customers to your account. Here are some of its best features:

  • Work in any currency
  • Record inventory, expenses, and cash flow
  • Scan barcodes directly from app
  • Create, edit, and share invoices with customers
  • Integrate with CRM tools
  • Make Return On Sales estimations and more

Get this app in the Google Play store here.

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  1. Another app worth mentioning : http://meekhata.com . This is no non-sense simple app that even my granny can use. Helps you answer 2 questions a) How much is my customer due b)How much am I due to my customer . On top of it, it sends reminder SMS to the debtors too.

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