How To Become a WhatsApp Reseller

Did you know WhatsApp is one of the most powerful business weapons, especially for small businesses? If you want to start earning money on WhatsApp but don’t know what to sell, consider becoming a WhatsApp reseller.

What is a WhatsApp Reseller?

Are you a part of business groups where you see people selling products or services of some sort? Chances are high that these guys are resellers.

A reseller is someone that sells a product/service they have bought from someone else. It is an affiliate or associate program where they sell the product/service for a price while getting a small commission (usually in the range of 0.5-10%) on the sale price.

Why Consider Becoming a WhatsApp Reseller?

A recent report by Zinnov, a Bengaluru-based consulting firm, found that “online resellers” drive 5.4% of the total Indian Online e-commerce market share!

Compare that number to the recent user data from Statista.


Who has the lion’s share of the market?

Bigwigs like Flipkart and Amazon still lead. But the face of online shopping is changing. Check out this infographic by

How to become a WhatsApp Reseller?

Becoming a reseller is very easy. Here is a small checklist you may use to proceed with the process:

  1. Find what you want to resell: jewelry, clothes or web-hosting services.
  2. Search for sellers on Facebook, Google or even Whatsapp Business groups. You can also join Instamojo’s WhatsApp group for starters.
  3. Contact the seller on their page or phone/email and check out their incentive program.
  4. Once you have made a deal with the seller, start circulating the product links to your contacts and other groups.
  5. Let them pay easily with online payment options like Instamojo.

Several WhatsApp sellers use Instamojo as their primary payment option. All you have to do is share the payment link on WhatsApp and let them pay you via any mode including Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking and even UPI.

You can start selling on Whatsapp right now! Want to be a seller instead? We have a FREE online store that you may want to try.


  1. hi there i wanna start cosmetics business on whatsapp, just want to know ? how can i get the payment directly to my account from client with out any prb

  2. Hello i wanted to start a clothing business on whatsapp how do i get sellers and before creating a group should i get registered to any of the website

    1. Hello Jansi,
      You can get started by looking for Whatsapp Groups with resellers and sellers. Alternatively, you can also sign up on Instamojo and open a free online store. You can promote your store link on whatsapp and Facebook groups to start selling.

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