How To Get Clients for Your Web Development Company

Are you a web development company looking for more clients? How do you sustain and grow in a scenario where 100 companies enter the market on a daily basis? The trick is to understand how your customer/clients choose a web development company.

Here are a few tips to help you be the perfect web development company


  • Making Projects for Well-Connected Customers:

Think of this as building your portfolio. If you have already developed 2-3 big projects, you can show it off on your website. Consider spending some time and money on these “white-label” clients so that they can refer you and help you find more clients.

  • Become an Industry Expert:

Improve your expertise in 2-3 particular domains, for example, hotel/restaurant websites, real estate websites, education websites etc. Your specialization could become your trump card. Let your work speak for you.

  • Offer Instant Support:

Most small businesses are looking for a web development company that understands their needs and help solve their issues immediately. Consider offering immediate support over phone or chat. You can also opt to offer email/social media support to your clients.

  • Give Free Services:

Have a set of add-on/value-added services or products that you can give for free. It may not be something related to web development. Find out what other services or products your customer needs like a CRM or Accounting Service.

Doing this helps you build trust and goodwill, which is great for your branding and will help you earn more money in the long run.

  • Network:

Visit events and meet-ups to understand what your peers and clients doing and/or looking for in the business. This also helps in building contacts and marketing your own web development company. It is good for brand recall.

  • Become Resellers:

Reselling can be a great source of passive income. Consider becoming a channel partner for products like Instamojo, Profit Books, Browntape, Google G Suite etc. You may not start making a lot of money immediately, but you eventually end up making a good amount of money.

Become a partner with Instamojo to earn a commission on every transaction your client makes! What’s more? You not only get a dedicated relationship manager but also get free marketing collaterals and your own dashboard to track sales and clients!

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