Why Should You Start an Online Business

online business

If you have been asking yourself why you should start an online business, chances are you have been thinking about starting one. Congratulations! You are asking yourself the right questions. Here are a few logical reasons that prove online is the way to go!

Digital India

The most logical reason to start an online business is around you – look around you! Everyone is using a smartphone, everyone is sending Whatsapp messages, everyone’s posting updates on Facebook or they’re just watching YouTube videos.

A report showed about 70% of the urban Indian population is completely online, which means, they’re always connected to the internet. The total number of internet users in the country is expected to exceed 450 million by June 2017.

That’s a lot of people online and that’s your reason number ONE!

Also, with the government pushing towards digital transactions and making India a smart country, taking your business online seems like a good decision.

Limited Sales via Offline Physical Shop

If you only have a physical store and have no online presence today, you are limiting your customer base. This, in turn, is limiting your sales and your potential to grow.

To put that into perspective, here is a year-over-year e-retail sales analysis. Note the steady growth in sales.

Retail sales forecast
Source: Statista

Adding an online store or website is like adding an extra channel to sell. This will not only improve your sales but will also increase your reach by helping more people discover you. Having an online business opens the doors of your physical store to the whole wide world through the world wide web!

Sell 24/7 with Online Business

If you just have a physical store, there are hours that you need to shut it down. But with an online store, you can sell 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week! You don’t have to worry about catering to customers at a closing time, because, well, there is no closing time!

You can always let your customers view your products or services on your website and make a booking. You can also receive payments without having to physically be around. This can help you convert a potential lead into a returning customer.

Improved Customer Service

Going online doesn’t just help allow your customers to buy whenever they want but can also assist you in serving them better. Using online means to communicate with your customers can give you broad insights into what areas of your business you should improve and who your returning customers are.

Be a BIG player

You can also market your business on social media to promote upcoming sales, give discounts and other freebies. This won’t just help you increase sales but will also help you get rid of old stock, improve brand reach and establish you as a large market player!

Easy to Start

While it might sound like a task to start an online website, getting started is easy! Instamojo’s Online Store doesn’t just let you begin in two minutes but also comes loaded with features like shopping cart, integrated invoices and payments, analytics etc.

What’s more? It’s completely free!

Here’s a sneak peek into the Instamojo Online Store.

Try the Instamojo experience today!




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