4 Key Moments in 4 years of Instamojo

Its been 4 memorable years of building Instamojo. While it feels like yesterday that we started, there have been lots of memorable moments in the journey. A while earlier, at our townhall, someone at Instamojo started asking everyone for their best moments here. That got me thinking, and here are 4 key moments that made a mark.

1. Launching Appstore

We have always intended Instamojo to become a platform that enables commerce for small businesses. Being a platform, we seek to enable businesses and developers to leverage Instamojo and grow the ecosystem for our users. The Appstore launch was a big step in this direction. Although it is still in it’s nascent stage, this is among one of the the biggest bets for us.

2. Moving to Bangalore from Bombay

Building a tech company in Bombay is hard, primarily from a talent perspective. We seek to have the best people at Instamojo, and moving to Bangalore was a step that we took in spite of having great affinity towards the Maximum City. With all pros and cons, Instamojo has found a great abode in Koramangala, Bangalore.

3. Our first user crossing 1cr of sales

A lot of our users are small businesses or those that are just starting out. We have seen a lot of them grow multifold over the last 4 years. One such user was a man running a blog which helped students prepare for exams. He never thought it could be a business but gave it a shot once he discovered Instamojo. He was the first user on Instamojo to cross 1 cr of sales, and today employs 10-12 people himself. Stories like his make us believe.

4. Today!

As I mentioned, someone today asked for everyone’s best moment at Instamojo. That got a flurry of such moments coming out, and got us to realise how much fun we have had here. It’s a privilege to be working with such amazing people. This itself is a key moment, and one that drives us to many more such moments in the future.

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