Say Hello to the Gorgeous new Product Pages

At Instamojo, we’re all about our sellers. We succeed when our sellers succeed and today we’re taking another step to make your selling experience kickass.
So say hello to our new Product pages that put you at center and showcase your products in style.

So what’s new?

A new design – that puts you at the centre

The new product pages put you and your products at the very centre. A soft grey background focuses your eyes on the product. The product image, price and description are laid out in neat containers that make it easy to read through and beautiful to look at.

The modular design looks gorgeous everywhere – be it desktop or mobile.

All you see from us is a subtle “Powered by Instamojo” at the bottom, making the product page truly yours.

Flexible layouts – that adjust automatically to your image

No fiddling and cropping images to make them look right, the page layout automatically adjusts to showcase your product. Whether your images are in Landscape or Portrait, they are rendered beautifully.

Landscape layout

Portrait layout

Images with an aspect ratio of 1.65 or above are shown in landscape mode.
An aspect ratio below that gets you the portrait layout.

New units to drive more sales for you

Our new product pages just can’t stop talking about you and your products.

Two new units, a Seller unit linking back to the store and a More Products unit showing the best products from your store, allow buyers to explore more of your products, giving you more sales.

Rollout & Feedback

The new product pages have already been rolled out to a small subset of our users. They will be rolled out to the rest of user base within a week.

If you’re in a hurry and want to try them right away, here’s a little hack for you.
Just add `?_beta=1` to any product url and you can see the new layout 😉
Example –

To give us feedback, you can use the new “Give Feedback” option in your Dashboard dropdown menu.

Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? We’re all ears and can’t wait to hear from you about the new product pages.

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