Introducing New Payment Links

India’s Simplest Way to Collect Payments and Sell Online Just Got Simpler

When we introduced payments with a link, what can we say, they were as simple as they could have been in the time. You could just create a link and share it with others to collect payments instantly. Showered with love by our users, links evolved into many bigger things:

–  Payment Buttons,
–  Payment APIs and Website Integration ,
–  Request a Payment (RAP)

This enabled everyone, from individuals to large enterprises, to collect payments and sell online.

Diversity in Payments:

Instamojo links have been used to sell a crazy variety of things:

– Digital products like music, ebooks, digital art, etc.
– Physical products like clothes, furniture, paintings, name anything!
– Event tickets
– Services and memberships

And, are being used to collect online payments for various purposes – donations, rent, etc. All this collectively introduced diversity in our platform and it’s been getting crazier ever since.

Earlier this year, we introduced “Online Store” which was a solution for individuals, MSMEs and SMBs to sell online by having a free and beautiful web store-front to showcase their products.

We were overwhelmed with the response for Online Store. Today we have more than 3K online stores on Instamojo showcasing approximately 50K product SKUs in total.

Now with 3 payment use cases – Sell, Collect, and Integrate – it only made sense that our dashboard highlights the top things our users want to do. So how are we making things better?

To each his own!


easiest way to collect payments and sell online in india

The dashboard now snugly holds all the important action buttons according to two core payment flows:

Payment links from Instamojo are the simplest and easiest way to collect payments online. They are simple links that can be shared with anyone via any communication channel like Emails, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Twitter.

Create payment link new

Create payment link whenever you are looking to:

– Send payment request to your customers: One time or in bulk.
– Collect payments on your website/blog. e.g. online donations.

We have revamped the Payment links to make it simpler for you. Say bye-bye to various form fields and say hello to an all new “one-click” payment links. You just need to add a purpose and amount and your link will be ready to share via any communication channel you prefer.

Here is how the new payment links work on a smartphone:

2. Add Product:

If you are an existing user:

What earlier used to be the Payment link is now Add Product. It holds all the previous functionalities of payment link.

Whenever you Add Product, they appear on your Instamojo online store by default.

Add Product to instamojo online store

If you are a new user:

Products are a part of your online store. They appear on your store as cards. When you click on “Add product”, it creates a new Product link which stores all the information you provide about what you are trying to sell. When someone clicks on this link, they can make an immediate payment to you to place an order for that particular product.

Click on Add Product if you are looking to:

– Add a new product(like clothes, paintings, electronic items, etc) to your online store,
– Sell an Event Ticket,
– Sell digital content like music, digital art, etc.

Here is how it looks:

Add product in Istamojo - preview

Where is the old “Request a Payment” feature?

– With the new powerful links, you don’t need to send requests. You can create links and put them in an email, SMS, blog post, Facebook post, wherever required.
-We will be moving the payment requests in our app store for users who want to use them.
-Existing requests will continue to work. New users wanting to create requests will have to subscribe to the Payment requests app in the app store.

Let’s Play a Game:

Here is a list of cases for you, you can guess the answers and jot them down. Once done, click here to reveal the answers and see how many you got right.

instamojo product game new payment link

Ok, that’s enough words, time for action – Check out the new Payment Links and let us know what you think in this quick feedback form. All of us here at Instamojo are very excited and can’t wait to hear what you think.

Experience the Simplest Payment Flow   

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