The Great Instamojo Store Challenge Winner – From IIT to an Online Art Store

The Great Instamojo Store Challenge celebrated two things – the launch of our new online store feature, and the amazing products sold on Instamojo everyday. When we ran this contest last month, we expected a few amazing entries; we didn’t expect this.

The entries submitted spanned industries, from digital marketing to groceries and handmade jewellery. We were thrilled, with the number of entries and creativity behind them! Of course, this made choosing the winner that much more difficult; but we do have a winner on our hands.

Amruta Rokade is an IITian with a passion for the arts. Her mystical, beautiful work is featured on her Instamojo store, Güzelin. This chemical engineer with a design bent proves that there’s more than meets the eye.

Tell us about your art.

My art is majorly about everyday life in India – incidents that I see and which catch my attention. Other artworks are my thoughts turned into colours and forms. I often stress on the value of empathy. In terms of skills, I am still learning and I hope I can do justice to the images and stories in my head in future.


How did you come up with the idea of selling your art online?

I am not from an art background, having done a dual degree in chemical engineering from IIT – Bombay. I decided to take up a career in the arts though, and began posting my artwork online. The response was so encouraging that I created a Facebook page to share the same. After getting requests for prints and originals, I decided to start an online store to meet the demand.


How did you find Instamojo and what did you like about it?

A friend of mine suggested I use Instamojo, so I tried it and found it to be very user-friendly. The best part is the support – super quick and helpful! The user experience is amazing – I’ve uploaded my works on Instamojo and also embedded the payment system on my website. I like that Instamojo verified my KYC documents at the earliest, unlike competitors in the market. Plus, the team there is friendly and supportive.


How do you plan on growing your online store? 

Right now, I’ve only made available a single size of prints. I’m planning to introduce more products such as bookmarks and greeting cards as well as more print sizes. I also plan to launch graphic novels and short story cards, alongside unique art products in the future.

What is your advice to other aspiring artists, looking to sell online?

The business side of art is often neglected, I’d say all artists should invest time and effort on this to make a career out of their art. Engaging with your audience is very important and so is marketing your work. Selling online needs a certain level of trust between the buyer, the artist and the website involved. Ensure that your website is trustworthy and provides a goodexperience to customers. Think and plan out the entire logistics involved in this business – it’s a great learning experience.

We believe in empowering every individual to sell online for free. If you are looking to start, why wait?

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