You can start teaching online too. All you need are 3 things.

In 2015, many consider not having an online presence a handicap, but there still exists a large population who stay away from new generation tools and apps. This story shows how an experienced language trainer from Mumbai broke the mental barrier and started teaching online.

Many teachers today are still used to conventional methods of teaching. With the advent of technology and its introduction into the classrooms, teachers, inherently averse to change, face an uphill task of learning how to use these tools.

Mr. Tambe enjoyed his days teaching German, French and Spanish in the classroom to a small set of students. He was more of a friend than a lecturer, treating his students to tea and snacks after every hour of teaching, joking and speaking only in the language that he taught. He broke the teacher-student barrier and this, in his opinion, was the secret to his success.

When Mr. Tambe turned sixty, he was gifted a laptop to keep in touch with his children and grandchildren using tools like Skype and Hangouts. The excitement of seeing his grandchildren made him wonder if he could also connect with his students, and the possibility of him teaching from his room crossed his mind.

Few months hence, a student of his assured him that it was fairly simple for Mr. Tambe to start teaching online. Only three things were needed:

  1. An e-mail id, which his son created;
  2. Skype/Google Hangouts, which he was already using;
  3. And a free and secure payment solution

Re-arranging his bedroom, his student used the white board lying in the corner of the room and placed the laptop and other accessories in front so that the camera could capture the entire space.

In the next ten minutes, he quickly searched for the best online payment solution which fit Mr. Tambe’s needs. He used Instamojo, which is recommended for individuals and small business owners in India.

Mr. Tambe was awestruck. In thirty minutes, the entire setup was done and the entire infrastructure he needed to teach online was in place. A new wave of zest ran through his veins, and during lunch he told his wife that he was feeling younger again.

He found his first pupil when he received an email a few hours later. The news of Mr. Tambe being online spread amongst his students, and in a few weeks, he had both his students, and their friends enrolled for a course with Tambe Sir!


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