6 Tips To Write an E-Book that Sells

As compared to traditional paperback books, e-books come with a lot of added advantages. They are easy to print and publish, production process is simpler, no shipping costs are applicable, revenue sharing is minimal and the interested reader can be targeted with ease.  Ever since the first version of the Kindle is out in the markets the popularity and purchase of e-books has been on the rise.  Many authors have capitalized on this factors and published e-books on several topics that interest the readers.

Writing an e-book is an inexpensive way to unleash your creativity, showcase your writing talent and expertise to the masses and earn some money too. Keeping in mind the criteria that defines a successful paperback differs form an e-book. There are six pointers you need to consider in order to write a successful e-book.

1. Pick a Relevant Topic

The first and most crucial step when you start writing is choosing a relevant topic. Choosing a relevant topic means taking up something that you have through knowledge about. Through knowledge is also not enough, the topic you pick must also interest others so that it attracts readership. It would be best if you know your target audience identify their needs, what they wish to read about and write according to their interests.

2. The Long or Short of It

Once you have the topic sorted out, you need to decide on how long or short your e-book needs to be. The size of the e-book does not determine its price. If you have written a lengthy e-book that does not appeal to the audience chances of it turning out profitable are bleak. If your e-book is short yet creative, well written, packed with powerful ideas and insights chances are it will churn more profit than its lengthy competitor. So weigh your options well, know what information you wish to impart and choose the right length accordingly.

3. Name it

What do you call your e-book? A lot of brainstorming can be needed to get an appropriate answer to this question. Even if your content is creative and interesting a run of the mill name might not appeal to the reader much. Make sure the name of your e-book is catchy and fascinates the reader to read the e-book, this will help gain more traction towards your e-book.

4. Creative Content

Just a catchy name for your e-book won’t be enough to make it profitable. Unique and creative content is the key to make your e-book talked about and successful. Your knowledge of the subject teamed with your passion to write about it would pave your path to creating a successful e-book. Also make sure you format your content in a PDF and not in a MS Word, because in the transition from MS Word to PDF you might end up losing links.

5. Make It Error Free

Even though you have filled your e-book with great content if it is full of errors can never be termed as a good read. Errors speak a lot about the author, what it says is usually negative. Once you have finished writing your book make sure you thoroughly check if it is grammatically correct and error free. Employ a professional editing agency if required to get the job done up to perfection.

6. Cover It Up

A lot of people do judge a book by its cover, I guess you already know what I mean. I am speaking about the cover of your e-book. Once your book is complete choose an attractive and appropriate cover for it. Hire a professional designer if needed. If your book cover is not attractive enough, the fantastic content that your book holds might remain unread and your e-book unsold.

Go ahead think about a topic and get to work. Once you have finished your e-book you can come back to us for tips to market and sell you e-book using Instamojo.

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